The Caged Steel Motorsport team was at the Silverstone National Trophy on the 18th and 19TH of May, Racing in the Thundersports Race. What an eventful weekend! We were racing the McLaren M8F run by Dean Forward Motorsport. In the qualifying round we saw Dean to a second place, driving the mighty V8, with an impressive show by John Burton, taking poll in his chevron, with Dean second place, due to certain miss fires in the engine and loss of second gear. There was plenty of time to of been had when the problems were fixed. Fingers crossed for the first race! 

The first race was very close! We saw a battle between John Burton in the Chevron B29 and Dean Forward in the McLaren M8F who was chasing John for the whole 30 minutes race. Until the very final corner going into luffield when Dean got up the inside, then into Brooklands unfortunately John touched Dean and pushed him out wide, forcing him onto the curb into second place. John took the win! with Dean second, was a very tight race, as you can imagine Dean wasn’t happy. 

Now onto the second race, starting off was Dean and John second and first, Dean set the pace and set off on a tremendous charge! Thankfully Dean managed to sort out second gear and the engine was running a little bit better, still 300 horsepower down to what it should be. Those two battled it out for the whole 30 minutes, until the very last corner when Dean overtook John on the last lap,  just going into the complex into luffield 1 and luffield 2, John once again didn’t want to lose! He threw the Chevron up the inside and hit the McLaren, Dean spun and went off into the gravel! He kept his foot hard in, managed to get out just as Leo Voyazides in his Lola T282 came past. Dean managed to go over the line 3rd with John Burton 1st and Leo 2ND.  John later was disqualified for over taking the safety car. We took home 2 second places with an engine running about 350 horsepower and a gear box missing second gear for most of the weekend. Considering the mishaps, we did well! We will now go back and get ready for the next race at Brands Hatch.