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From our HQ in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, we offer a full package of services to the car enthusiast. We offer a full restoration service on supercars, classic cars and competition cars. Our team of mechanics and engineers have a wealth of knowledge, industry experience, and connections.


We offer a comprehensive range of top quality restoration options for all types of vehicles.

Race Preparation

Take your motorsport journey to new levels with our race preparation team.

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Browse our collection of high performance vehicles we have for sale.

Vehicle Restoration

Vehicle Restoration

Alongside our in-house team of experienced mechanics and engineers, we have established an extensive network which enables us to source authentic and original parts. In collaboration we have the ability to restore a masterpiece to its former self. No job is too big nor small, whether your pride and joy requires some minor tender loving care or a full strip back to its core, we put the same passion into our craft.

Authentic parts

We take pride in providing you the best restoration service possible and therefore only use authentic parts in the build to ensure quality.

Custom livery

To ensure you stand out on the grid we can provide you with fully bespoke logos, graphics brands and Livery for your vehicle.


After working within almost every sector within the industry we have accumulated worldwide connections which can ensure top quality expertise.



Our knowledge and passion for motorsport is one we’d like to share. Whether you are new or experienced in the motorsport world, we are well connected and equipped to take your motorsport journey to the next level. We offer a full range of services ranging from Formula One & Championship prep to small adjustments, no job is too big or too small!

quality products

We believe in quality over quantity!  This means we only take on the cars we can comfortably run, giving each customer and their car the attention they deserve.


After years of working in just about every form of motorsport our team the ability to undertake complex builds all the way to light restoration projects.


Ranging from 488 Ferrari challenge, EVO, to a 1972 Mclaren M8F, we and our partners have the knowledge, experience & passion to get you on the grid.

Vehicles For Sale


At Caged Steel Motorsport we offer hire for a variety of services. From track days and passenger rides to our industry leading racing simulator which delivers unparalleled levels of detail and realism.